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Trevor James A3725GB II "Brooklyn" Gold Lacquer Alto Saxophone with Backpack Case

Product Information

For those just starting out, this is a highly recommended saxophone, popular with students. It is a reliable instrument with an advanced octave link mechanism that allows amazing intonation.

  • Gold lacquer alto saxophone
  • Backpack Shaped Case
  • High F#
  • Workshop Setup
  • Mother of Pearl Style Touch Pieces
  • High Quality Leather Pads
  • Padded Sling
  • Vandoren Reed
  • Full Range of Accessories

What we think:

  • The 'Brooklyn Series' alto saxophone from Trevor James offer one the finest student saxophones we have seen in store for a while, not only does the intonation of this instrument make for an easy playing instrument when playing with others, but this is also enhanced with the Yamaha Mouthpiece which is supplied as standard with the package! The instrument comes with the new BG-AT-1 crook giving the end user the best possible chance to get started and playing in tune. Sadly not all student alto saxophones give you this, something we see time and time again with customers who have purchased unknown brands from the internet. We always advise our customers to buy a known brand even if it is a little bit more at the outset, you can be reassured you will get it back tenfold in areas such as ease of play and also reselling at a later date should the need be to upgrade! Never be fooled, you get what you pay for with saxophones like everything else in life you buy, hence the Trevor James 'Brooklyn Series' is top of our selling list and hiring list for all aspiring students.

The 'Brooklyn Alto' comes with all the standard accessories and is supplied in the standard gold lacquer finish, it is superb light which is an added benefit for those who don't like heavy weights around their necks, overall weight 5kg's

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