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Welcome to the sign up and hiring page for musical instruments at Haydock Music. This website has been specifically designed to make the signing up process of hiring a musical instrument as simple as possible, allowing for three simple stages: instrument choice > personal details > direct debit mandate ...which should take four to five minutes on average from start to finish, it really is that easy!

At Haydock Music we allow our hire customers to try an instrument for minimum 3 months and maximum 24 months, with no commitment other than the three months, it really is that simple, but for terms and conditions please read them carefully for further information.

As an investment buying a musical instrument of decent quality can be a huge step into the unknown, but by taking advantage of Haydock Music’s hire scheme we will alleviate the pain of buying, and also take away the hours of discussion about the imponderables of whether one should buy outright, most people these days take advantage of a hire scheme, but beware there are pitfalls in hiring, and listed below are some things you should look out for:

  • Look out for 'market leading brands' when hiring a musical instrument, always stick with these, if you don’t know any brands 'ask the teacher or ask a member of our team for advice', they will be only too willing to advise. Be careful simply reading reviews on websites, it is not hugely advisable, although websites should play some part in your decision always chat it over with a store and teacher first. We would always recommend you hire a brand that is 'tried and tested on the market'. Recognized brands offer the 'best resell' if you upgrade, 'better trade in value' and will have the 'best play-ability for the person' to learn on.
  • Learning on a well-made instrument will give any aspiring student the best start in the learning process. It is hard enough learning a musical instrument at the best of times, but if the instrument you have hired or bought isn't easy to play due to poor manufacture it will make it almost impossible to learn! Beware of the hire schemes that do not 'state a make and model' on them, or simply call it a 'student instrument' be very wary of this, 'ask for the make and model' and do your research, either via the teacher or in store, ideally both.
  • Cheap hire prices might look attractive but this type of hire is a 'short term answer to a longer term problem'. If the instrument isn't built to quality it will never play properly, and in any walk of life 'you get what you pay for'. So many teachers out there spend their lesson time trying to fix poorly made instruments, and in some instances the instrument will simply need upgraded or replaced, so make sure you choose carefully.
  • Always look for 'flexibility in a scheme'. The best schemes will give you the chance to 'return after a short period of time'. Most good retailers will ask for a ‘minimum of three months’ commitment', but make sure this is clear at point of signing up, also ask for the maximum hire term, you don't want to end up having paid for an open ended hire costing you a fortune in hire paid and end up having paid for the instrument ten times. over, make sure it has a minimum time and maximum time. 'Haydock Music has a minimum of 3 months hire at which point you can return or purchase and a maximum of 24 months when the instrument is yours to keep'.
  • Ask about 'rebates' and whether your rental money can 'contribute to the purchase of an instrument'. At Haydock Music we offer a 100% rebate between 3 and 6 months towards an instrument. Also ask if there is an upgrade scheme or 'penalty for changing size' should it be a smaller or bigger string instrument you need. 'At Haydock Music there is no penalty for upgrading to a bigger or smaller size' and we will 'even allow your rental rebate against a change of instrument should you upgrade with the 24-month period'.
  • Most retailers these days should be covered by the FCA (financial conduct authority) Haydock Music's hire scheme is regulated by the FCA, but for peace of mind this is worth checking out with whoever you deal with. Nobody on the open market should be offering a musical instrument hire scheme without being regulated, so do your research, dealing with a store that has this regulation protects you the customer, so insist on this before you sign up.