Haydock Music
Instrument Rental Service

Terms & Conditions

Haydock Music Ltd warrants that the Goods shall be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose whether new, ex hire or second-hand. In the event that you believe this not to be the case, you must inform Haydock Music Ltd immediately so that an examination of the Goods may be carried out, and if necessary, any repairs or adjustments made.

1. Any repairs or adjustments must be carried out by Haydock Music Ltd or its chosen agent.

2. You agree to indemnify Haydock Music Ltd from any loss or damage.

3. During the duration of the Hire Agreement, the Goods remain the property of Haydock Music Ltd.

4. You are not permitted to treat the Goods as your own whatsoever. In particular you are not permitted to sell, hire, lend or in any way deal with or dispose of the Goods.

5. You agree to notify Haydock Music Ltd of any address, telephone or circumstance change that will affect communications between you the customer and Haydock Music Ltd during the hire period.

6. During the duration of the Hire Agreement the risk in the Goods shall pass to you and you shall inform Haydock Music Ltd immediately should any loss or damage occur in respect of the Goods.

7. You the customer agree to cover all risk for loss, damage or theft whilst the instrument is on hire.

8. An initial payment of '3 monthsÂ’ hire is payable upon accepting the Agreemen,t and thereafter the rental charge is payable by way of a quarterly direct debit in or around 3 months after the sign up date. Haydock Music Ltd reserves the right to vary the direct debit date by 5 working days either side of the date chosen to allow for holidays or administration. We are covered by the GoCardless direct debit mandate.

9. You recognise the direct debit as have the term 'GoCardless' on your statement.

10. You agree to notify Haydock Music three working days in advance of returning the hired instrument in writing to rental@haydockmusic.co.uk

11. In the event that a quarterly direct debit payment is not honoured without prior notice in writing, the Goods must be returned to Haydock Music Ltd in 48 hours before proceedings to recover the debt with taken.

12. The Agreement is for a minimum period of 3 months (the "Initial Period"). After this period the Agreement may be terminated, but only after the Goods have been returned to Haydock Music Ltd.

13. Following completion of the Initial Period, all payments made from month 1 to month 6 can be used towards the cost of the instrument. If you decide at any point up to 6 months that an upgrade is required, we will allow 50% of all rental money paid to be used against another instrument.

14. The Agreement is subject to Scottish Law and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement.

15. Haydock Music Ltd reserves the right to commence legal proceedings against you in respect of any breach of the Agreement. The costs associated with any such legal proceedings will be met by you.

16. The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Haydock Music Ltd and supersedes and extinguishes all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between them, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter

17. Haydock Music Ltd reserves the right to offer the scheme to whom Haydock Music Ltd deem fit and proper. In the interests of adhering to miss selling laws via the FCA Haydock Music Ltd will not accept students, unemployed or people without a salary fit to cover the repayments.