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Buffet B12 Clarinet Outfit in Bb - Secondhand Including Case

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This second hand clarinet is very popular among students, and with slightly smaller finger holes than other clarinets, the B12 makes beginning just that little bit easier for students. B12 clarinets are made from ABS resin with an appearance and sound similar to that of genuine grenadilla wood. This model is lightweight, strong and easy to clean. The design follows the traditional route with silver plated body rings, straight keywork and a traditional bell ring. The body is matt buffed to give the appearance of wood. The keywork is cold forged and induction soldered, and finished in high quality silver-plate. This combination makes the keywork strong, durable and attractive to look at.

  • Key: Bb
  • Pitch: 442
  • Made of ABS Resin
  • Nickel plated key work
  • 65mm barrel
  • 14.65mm poly-cylindrical bore
  • Nickel plated body rings and bell ring
  • Blue needle springs
  • Arched key cups
  • Ergonomic key design
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Pointed needle springs
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Bell with ring
  • 17 keys and 6 rings
  • ABS Luraton material
  • Staggered trill keys (same as R13)
  • High quality double fish skin pads, undercut tone holes
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